In photography there is a reality so subtle that it becomes more real than reality.

Hi, I’m Mark, an idler, a wanderer, an explorer.

I also take lots of photographs.
I started taking pictures in about the 5th grade using my parents Kodak Instamatic (I still have these
photographs). I liked the way the world looked through the camera – sort of a cut-out of the big world –
and the way I could just focus on one small section of all the stuff that was going around me. I
remember a photo I took around this time of the back of a drag race car on a trailer, and clearly
attempting to capture the symmetry.

Through high school I took my camera with me everywhere – family vacations, exploring in the woods
around my house, photographing high school football games for the local newspaper, taking pictures at
school for the yearbook. After graduation I worked as an assistant for some very talented and successful
photographers, but got burned out working 50 hour weeks and not doing any shooting for myself.
I picked the camera back up about 8 years ago and now I shoot when and where and what I want. I may
not know at the time why something looks interesting to me, sometimes it takes me months to really
“see” an image I had taken awhile back.

There is a bit of me in all of my photos, hopefully you can see a bit of yourself, or see some part of life in
a unique way through my work.